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The healthier you are going into surgery, the stronger you will be coming out.

One in five people experience complications from surgery that affect their health and recovery.

You can reduce the risk of this happening to you by getting as healthy as you can before your operation - we call this PreHab.

Below you will find important information about PreHab as well as tips and resources to help you. 

Talk with your GP about what you can do to improve your recovery from surgery today.

Image of cigarette

Smoking increases your risk of problems after surgery. Quitting even one month before reduces your risk.

Image of person with hand on head

Ensuring your pain is well controlled prior to surgery will assist in improving your recovery.

Image of pin prick for blood sugar management

Getting support to assist you in managing your diabetes before surgery can help prevent complications such as infections and delayed wound healing.

Image of blister pack of medication

Reducing your use of alcohol, opioids and recreational drugs at least four weeks before surgery is advised for your safety.

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3 in 10 people having elective surgery have low iron or anaemia and have high risk of needing blood transfusion.

Image of feet climbing steps

Being physically prepared for surgery sets you up for a better outcome.

Image of person with supportive hand on shoulder of another

Facing surgery can be a worrying time and can raise questions, doubts and uncertainties. The lead up to surgery is a good time to address your concerns.

Fresh Salad

Optimising your weight prior to surgery will reduce your risk of surgical complications.

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping

Older people can become frail while waiting for surgery. This can lead to falls, injuries, disability, loss of independence and delay your recovery. 

Home Nurse Making Bed

It is important to be prepared and have any equipment and supports organised prior to returning home.

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