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Frailty is a common clinical syndrome experienced by older people. It is characterised by a decline of physical and cognitive reserves that leads to increased vulnerability. 


Frailty can affect your recovery
  • Frailty is associated with increased risk of falls, longer hospital admissions, and difficulty recovering from illness and surgery

  • When getting ready for surgery it is important to be as healthy as possible

  • As people age they are at greater risk of becoming frail while awaiting surgery 

  • It is important to address frailty if you are waiting for surgery as it can lead to delayed healing or other complications following the operation

  • Frailty can be prevented or reversed, so speak with your GP

Your GP will
  • Review reasons you may be feeling tired or fatigued

  • Review your medications (prescription and over the counter)

  • Recommend specific exercises to help you build muscle & help balance

  • Recommend certain foods to optimise nutrition

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