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Project Lead, Professor Jane Andrews, talks about why the Central Adelaide Local Health Network developed this program to support consumers to optimise their health prior to surgery.

The CALHN My PreHab Program went live in July 2022 and includes:

  1. A hospital specific digital prehabilitation pathway for patients referred for consideration of surgery at CALHN sites

  2. The CALHN PreHab website, which publicly hosts core information included in the digital pathway for both consumers and GPs


Linedale, E.C.; Bills, E.; Dimopoulos, A.; Yeoh, J.; Nolan, M.; Hume, V.; Coles, S.; Andrews, J.M. Development of a Feasible and Acceptable Digital Prehabilitation Pathway to Improve Elective Surgical Outcomes. Front. Digit. Health 2023, 5, 1054894

In the Media:

‘My PreHab’ having positive impact on surgery patients | Date: 28/6/23 | Publisher: THRF Group

Weightlist: The SA patients getting in shape for surgeryDate: 31/4/23 | Publisher: Sunday Mail | Author: Brad Crouch

‘PreHab’ tech could ease elective surgery backlogDate: 24/10/2022 | Publisher: The Medical republic | Author: Laura Andronicos and Talia Meyerowitz-Katz

‘Waiting better’ tech could ease elective surgery backlog | Date: 5/10/22 | Publisher: Wild health | Author: Laura Andronicos and Talia Meyerowitz-Katz

CALHN Delivers pre-rehab first, available for rural patients | Date: 1/10/22 | Publisher: Rural Support Services

Launch of My PreHab collaboration delivers a healthier path to surgeryDate: 24/8/22 | Publisher: HTSA

Central Adelaide Local Health Network introduces digital ‘pre-hab’ for surgery patientsDate: 14/7/22 | Publisher: Healthcare IT news | Author: Adam Ang

PreHab Digital Pathways Launched to Promote Faster Recovery for Elective Surgery PatientsDate: 13/7/22 | Publisher: Personify Care newsroom

Prehabilitation improves patient surgery journeyDate: 20/3/22 | Publisher: GP CALHN Connect

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