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Nutrition &
Weight Optimisation

Optimising weight and eating well before surgery will give you the best chance of a smooth post-op recovery.

A healthy diet with a wide variety of foods, the right amount of carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and protein will promote: 
  • Good wound healing 

  • Getting back on your feet quicker 

  • Fighting infections more effectively  

  • Maintaining your strength 

Obesity and overweight

Being overweight makes the surgical journey more difficult. Reducing excess weight before surgery might help you to have a smooth recovery after surgery. See your GP for guidance on weight loss before surgery if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than 30.

Depending on your weight, it may be appropriate for you to follow a Very Low Energy Diet for a short period of time. Please discuss this option with your GP before starting this on your own.


Poor nutrition or malnutrition before your surgery may increase the risk of complications and infections after surgery. This could lead to you staying in hospital longer. If you have experienced unplanned weight loss or a recent reduction in your dietary intake it is important you speak to your GP

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