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  • Who benefits from PreHab?
    Anyone waiting for surgery can benefit from PreHab. Making sure your health is as good as it can be before surgery will help you have a better outcome.
  • When should I start PreHab?
    PreHab can start as soon as you find out that you might need surgery. This could be after your GP refers you to a surgeon or more suddenly after a new medical diagnosis. Starting early will give you time to make positive changes to your health (e.g., weight loss or getting stronger). Even if your surgery is soon, there are still benefits in starting now!
  • What is PreHab?
    PreHab, short for prehabilitation, helps you to get ready for surgery. Being well prepared and as healthy as you can before surgery is important. This is because it helps you to have safer, more effective surgery and to recover more quickly.
  • Where can I get help with PreHab?
    The CALHN PreHab website has information about which health professionals to contact for each PreHab health area. There are also links that have more information and programs you can try. If you are unsure where to start, we encourage you to see your GP.
  • Which areas of PreHab should I prioritise?
    The PreHab areas you work on depend on your health and what risk factors you have. A risk factor is something that makes you more likely to have a problem during or after surgery. The website has examples of health conditions that you can improve to make your surgery and recovery safer (e.g., quitting smoking and losing weight). It is best to focus on things that are relevant to you.
  • Can my GP refer me to CALHN PreHab?
    You do not need a referral. Health professionals created this website to support and guide you on your PreHab journey. The Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital have a digital program (My PreHab Program) for patients waiting for some surgeries. If you are waiting for a surgery that has this program, the hospital will send you information via a text message.
  • Professor Jane Andrews’ take home message.
    Getting ready for surgery with PreHab means you are in good health when you have surgery. This will help you have better outcomes and recover quicker. It will also benefit your overall health after surgery!
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